I was moved by it, by all of what the man has done and by his determination (against all odds, a man quite alone…) I certainly have much more interest and feeling for the guy after watching it. So I look forward to talking more about him with you…see you soon, love m

~ M. Curtis

It shows a person I only had a ‘media’ image of, an image formed over simplistic political reductions. I truly appreciated having the opportunity to open my vision and find the complexity of a human and not the summation of the press.

~ B. Miller

…the film is the best material I’ve consumed to know who JR is, what he stands for and what his moral compass is.

~ J. Rein

This is a very powerful, moving, indeed compelling account of RFK, Jr. It restores my respect for him, given all the vilification that has been directed at him. The clarification of his stance on vaccinations is very important, since it has been all too easy to condemn him on this front -- not knowing the more complete, nuanced account that you here offer. I had been a great fan of his in the period of his Hudson River efforts, to which I (along with many thousands of others) contributed gladly. The special merit of this profile is that it shows the continuity between that unquestionably important and right effort and his later, more controversial commitments (which turn out to have been misunderstood). Congratulations on this admirable and convincing achievement!!"

~ P

It’s beautifully done — endearing, enchanting, likely to be enduring in its message and mission. It’s Ken Burns caliber — for me that’s the highest praise I can bestow. The narration — yours, Bobby’s, other voices — moves with a steady, quiet urgency accompanying the visual poetry of the Images in a way that lifts the Documentary into Docudrama status. It catches you, grips you, tips you into memory and feeling, nostalgia for the America that did things because they were hard, the numbing shock of the two assassinations, lifts you into a contemplation of the whole of this extraordinary man’s life, his wrestling with his Devils and his Dark Side Walk and the Angels of his Recovery and myriad Accomplishments, and, as you watch the film, a growing sense that Destiny’s at work — a ‘hand of God’ sort of thing — that Bobby Kennedy is, as the New Yorker cover editorialized, ‘The Kennedy Who Matters’. There’s a non-intrusive intimacy about it, like a late night conversation over wine that leaves you touched by the vulnerability and revelations and connected by and through the Truths that broke through the usual surfaces like the upthrust arm of the Lady of the Lake holding Excalibur. I think this really could help with Boomers, the Ken Burns PBS pledgers and admirers who gave been so propagandized about RFKJR by the Legacy Media. This is a medium we get, that speaks to us, maybe even more so than to youtube natives, though they should appreciate it too. It is so rich with luminous details. Enchanting, endearing, enduring and thoroughly and absorbingly enjoyable. Comes the moment, comes the Man and now comes this compelling, powerful film. Wow! Many thanks for forwarding it!!!

~ R. Severson Ph.d. LMFT, LPC

The film is fantastic! I am speechless. So pleased to have been able to play my part. Thank you, and to Ron! best wishes, always,

~ D.

I was blown away. Listen to it let me know what I can do. This is one of the most profound experiences I’ve had watching it and knowing there’s a human being on this earth that has the potential to save us. No need to call me back but I want to do all I can to get this man elected president and I will send this video out to as many peoples I know If there’s a savior for us for humanity, it is this man I want to put all my energy or as much as I have to help and get this man elected president

~ a Republican friend of someone who shared the film

Best thing I’ve watched in a long time. Forget about about politics, or vaccines or anything else you’ve heard or seen. That’s not what this is about. A touching story of resilience in the face of darkness, Strength in the face of tragedy, Softness and kindness in a world seemingly increasingly bereft of such, This fascinating story unfolds with radical honesty and vulnerability, as we follow one man’s journey through an incredible lifetime of circumstances, beginning in early childhood, born into a life that few of us could relate to in many ways, but also in a very fundamental way, one that many of us can. From facing the assassination of both his beloved uncle JFK, and then his father, both men who died for their belief in a better world, and their inability to stand silently by with their morals in check, in his early formative years, to long trips through the heart of America in the most unlikely company, we travel with this boy as he becomes a man. Through arrests, incarceration and drug addiction, we see the morals instilled within him by those he looked up to come forth time and again selflessly, throughout various circumstances as his courage is tested over and over. This is a story of spiritual development, tenacity, and of a man that puts others first, fighting for those without a voice throughout. Never one to take the easy route, this is someone with firm convictions in what he believes is right, and the strength to take the high road, where the easy one very often stood right before him beckoning. I always say that you can tell a good person by the way that animals connect with them, and by their own connection to the natural world, and RFK Jr’s obvious love of the earth, and all those that walk, run, crawl or fly within it is obvious within this beautifully crafted story, produced by Jeff Hays and directed by Ron Lynch. For those outside the USA in particular, it shines a light on a little known story of a fascinating family, and a fascinating individual, where before little was known bar for what others wanted us to see. This is the real story, and well worth putting 111 minutes aside for, no matter what you think you know about this man or his family.

5 stars out of 5

This movie is incredible and unbelievably moving and compelling.

~ Rabbi Shmuly Boteah